Ex DMW Act Lil Frosh Denies Beating His Girlfriend

Expelled Davido Music Worldwide signee, Lil Frosh has come out to claim he didn’t beat his girlfriend contrary to claims he beat up the beautiful model.

About a month ago, the girlfriend’s sister posted series of pictures of Camille on Instagram where her face was all battered up  and claimed Lil Frosh was always in the habit of beating her up.

He went on to also share different chats where Lil Frosh was seeming threatening the girlfriend and the girlfriend also addressed the public after there were claims she was sleeping with the rapper’s friends. A claim she denied.

However in a new interview, Lil Frosh trumped all the aforementioned claims and said the swelling of her face was probably as a reaction to the boil his girlfriend had behind her ear.

He also went on to claim he still loved her when he was questioned about his interest. See video;

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